Rushad Eggleston [USA]

Mixing classical cello with comedy, bluegrass with his own chops. Singing, dancing, telling stories and performing original songs; Rushad Eggleston’s shows leave you breathless. This unique performer and ambassador from Sneth makes performances interesting for a broad audience from children to classical schooled cellists. A beautiful addition to a festival Line-up!.


“Legend, clown, goblin, cello-shredder, acrobat. Wild “jazz” vocalist, bundle of laughs, writer of hit songs in other galaxies, Ambassador of Sneth. Inventor of bluegrass cello, time traveler, creator of worlds. Pentecostal dancer, proprietor of igwarfnees, president of Norwegian Ostrich Society, winner of some contest in 1725.”

— Biographer of Rushad Eggleston


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